Resume Tips

  • Your resume reflects your image. Create an apt image for the post by preparing a thorough and professional resume.
  • Resume titles and headings should suit aptly to the job opening.
  • Prioritize the important data of your resume and include it in the first page. Summary of your experience should not be more than 5-6 bullets points.
  • Use power words instead of simple statements describing your experience. It will boost your professional expertise. Do not repeat first word in every bullet of your summary.
  • Identify the appropriate keywords from the job descriptions and include them appropriately in your resume.
  • Avoid simple listing of your skills. List out the benefits of your skills towards the organization and highlight them.
  • Try to identify the employer's unlisted demands and try to match all his/her requirements to your qualities aptly.
  • Maintain versions of your resume as per your skills. Do not use only one resume to apply for different roles of the organization.
  • Make your resume long enough to contain your knowledge and expertise in detail and short enough to keep it interesting for the reader. Generally, resume more than 4 pages does not get hiring manager enough attention.
  • Spell check the final version of the resume and get it proofread by your colleague as well. It always helps to have a second pair of eyes go through the piece of paper, which will lead you to your future job.

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